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Petar Klančir was born 07.04.1990 in Zagreb, and since 2015 he lives and works in Rijeka (Croatia).

Petar got married in June 2018 with Jelena Šironja (Now Jelena Klančir).

He is actively involved in sports since childhood, and by the age of fifteen he became a multiple Croatian athletics champion and achieved still valid record in the 100m hurdles at the junior competition.

At the age of 15, he entered the gym for the first time and instantly fell in love with iron.

His ambition to become an IFBB pro fuelled him to work harder every day despite the odds.

Being a vice-champion at the Arnold Classic Amateur competition twice, he also won multiple titles: 2012 he became NABBA Mr. Universe, 2014 Balkans overall champion, and 2015 overall winner of the Mr. Olympia Amateur in Prague, where he finally won IFBB PRO card.

His dream came true and his current score is top 10 in at last six Pro competitions:

  • San Marino - 7th Place
  • Arnold Classic Europe - 8th Place
  • EVLS Prague Pro - 8th Place
  • Nordic Pro - 3rd Place
  • Sheru Classic Dubai - 4th Place
  • San Marino Pro -2nd Place
  • EVLS Prague Pro 2017 - 6th Place
  • Arnold Classic Europe 2017 - 7th Place

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